It is Official

Sometime yesterday afternoon the NaNoWriMo website rebooted and is now ready for 2015 NaNo! For me, this is the official start of NaNoWriMo. You can now log in and add your 2105 NaNo novel information, update your profile, and post in the forums. Good times! But this also means the countdown is on to get everything researched and plotted before NaNo begins in just a few weeks. 

My prep work is really coming along. I have three of my five character profiles completed, quite a bit of my timeline completed, and I've also researched a few settings I have in mind for my novel. I do need to finish my outline, but I'll work on that over the next few weeks.

For the past there years I have won NaNo with mystery novels, but this year I am switching gears and writing a fantasy/sci-fi time-travel YA novel. How about that?! At least that is how is stands today. We'll see where this novel takes me when I start writing it.

Are you joining the fray this year that is NaNoWriMo? Want to learn more about it or how to join? Visit the official NaNoWriMo website for more info. And starting next week, it is going to be all NaNo! I'll be posting some tips, tricks, and other goodies about NaNo. I'll also give some details on the programs I am using and how I'm going to go about organizing my novel.

See you next week!